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 ESG Reporting

ESG is a fantastic opportunity for first movers as sustainability considerations are becoming key to investment decision-making. Investors are increasingly making it clear what they want from ESG reporting. They want meaningful disclosures from companies, particularly on environmental and social themes. They also want to see disclosures that emphasise materiality as not all ESG issues matter equally. As investors are becoming extremely knowledgeable about ESG, they do distinguish those companies that score highly on ESG issues that are material to their business, from those that score highly on issues that are not.

In parallel, investors' appetite continues to grow for greater convergence and standardisation in sustainability reporting frameworks for comparison purposes. Distinct is trained in GRI reporting. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard is considered the non-financial reporting best practice. Through your ESG report, Distinct will communicate your company's sustainability and social impact and its risk mitigation implications. 

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Our services include:

·    ESG Reports

·    CSR Reports / Sustainability Reports

·    Alignment with GRI Reporting Standards

·    Alignment with SDG Principles

·    Integrated Report

·    SFDR compliance

·    ESG / CSR certifications

·    ESG monitoring & ESG Reporting

·    Annual reports & corporate collaterals

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