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Communication & Public Affairs

Distinct Consulting provides its clients with advice and political intelligence to develop, protect and nurture their reputation. We design communication and Public Affairs strategies and offer implementation support to help our clients deliver their brand promises, improve performance and achieve their business goals and transition imperatives. We create distinct positioning statement, engaging content and tell your story in a compelling way to build understanding, trust and confidence. 

Distinct focuses on the relationships with all stakeholders including employees, clients, shareholders, media as well as the institutional and political worlds.

Distinct Communication is a founding member of Letzpact (Luxembourg public affairs community) and Laurence Ponchaut acts as its President.

Desert Dune

Our services include:

·    Conception and implementation of advocacy campaigns and lobbying strategies

·    Development of public awareness campaigns

·    ​Brand positioning

·    Mission, vision & values

·    Corporate messaging & content production (online & offline)

·    Employee value proposition

·    Media relations

·    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy

·    Public affairs

·    Crisis communication

·    Internal communication & change management

·    Financial communication & investor relations

Interim Management services - Should you have a temporary shortage of ESG/CSR or communication expertise, we can fill the gap.

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