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  • Laurence Ponchaut

How to successfully implement a strategy?

Too often leaders pour their energy into formulating strategy and spend too little time figuring out how to implement it. To successfully execute your organization’s strategy, you should pay attention to the 3Cs: Clarify, Cascade, Communicate.

1. Clarify your strategy

Move away from high-level statement and ensure that everyone does understand the strategy by clarifying it in a way it resonates with everyone so that people can rally to support its implementation

2. Cascade your strategy

Cascade your strategy at each level, translating it to understandable and contextualized sound bites, which connect to the work of individuals. The managers will own this cascading process. Should this be out of their comfort zone, the managers will be coached to endorse this role.

3. Communicate your strategy Communicate powerfully the essence of your strategy at every level of the organization to inspire and engage… and don’t forget that communication is a two-way street.

A strategy doesn't just implement itself by magic and the human factor is the key to success… so don't miss the chance to make it easy for your employees to connect to the strategy and be aligned and engaged!


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