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  • Laurence Ponchaut

Creating engaging content

Updated: May 3, 2021

Your annual report, CSR report, website, brochures and articles offer unique opportunities to nurture your reputation, build trust and demonstrate your leadership. Make these important communication tools work for you.

Annual Reports that build trust and confidence

Annual report writing can be a daunting task, but annual reporting is also an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to tell your company’s story in a credible and compelling way, and a chance to build understanding, trust and confidence among investors and other key stakeholders.

The particularity of the annual report is that it is the result of a coordinated teamwork involving many departments. However, the key to an effective annual report is to present one consistent voice, one writing style and a strong central theme in the document. Distinct Communication can edit the different contributions to your report and ensure a common thread and a consistency of style.

Sustainability Reports that nurture your reputation

Sustainability is no longer a corporate afterthought and ‘doing well by doing good’ is now an established operational ethos for all companies, big or small. Increasingly mainstream, the disclosure of non-financial information is critical to building reputations.

As a communication and CSR expert (certified ESR consultant for INDR Luxembourg), Laurence Ponchaut is trained on GRI and helps companies communicate their social and environmental performance to their stakeholders, meeting reporting requirements (including GRI) and best practice standards.

Websites read by humans and by search engines

In a website, information is prioritized and structured for quick scanning and action-oriented navigation. On the web, one should tell a story in a concise way making it skimmable (with powerful headlines, bullet points, infographics, etc.), easy for everyone to read and ensuring SEO.

Brochures that sell

Though people take more time to read a brochure, it is important to be punchy, keep them concise and not to provide too many details or technical information.

Distinct Communication can manage your whole communication project – be it a report, a brochure, or a website – working with your design agency or with one of the great agencies we have partnered with in the past.


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