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  • Laurence Ponchaut

Are you crisis ready?

Do you have a comprehensive crisis management plan, a partial procedure or you do not need to prepare your organization for a crisis because you have good managers who will handle it as soon as it occurs? According to the Savvy Incorporated group, 20% of companies are well prepared and have a complete crisis plan in place (the boy scouts), 45% admit to be vulnerable as they have only a partial coverage (the wire walkers) and 35% (the ostriches) are exposed as they only see a crisis plan as a source of difficulties.

A crisis plan is an extension of the communication strategy to develop a favourable bias towards the organization. No company is immune from a crisis. Also, to prepare for this eventuality and determine, cool head, what communication actions should be taken when it occurs will allow for a diligent, appropriate and efficient answer. Also, it is not in a crisis that one should seek to establish a positive reputation. If anything, a good crisis communication plan can relieve the worry over whether a sudden crisis can wipe out your reputation that you've spent years building. With a little effort, any business can be prepared to handle almost any crisis, and in the process maintain its reputation, and perhaps emerge from the crisis as an even stronger company with an enhanced reputation. While businesses spend lots of money for flood or fire insurance in preparation for a disaster that may never occur, few prepare adequately for a media crisis that is actually far more likely to occur and with equally devastating results. So, as any scout, be prepared!


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