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Why a frog?

November 17, 2016

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Is your internal communication sick?

May 2, 2017

Your employees complained about communication during their evaluation review? Your staff is missing the big picture? Engagement is not at its best? It might be the right time for a communication check!

Having a healthy internal communication is critical to business success. It will drive innovation, improve employee engagement and increase productivity. Here are a few tips!


Keep your message successfully simple


Use a "Inspire-Educate-Reinforce" framework for your messages and keep them sharp and simple. Be concrete, unexpected, emotional and tell a story! People normally remember only 3 to 5 points from any communication, and a story will help your points be easily remembered!  


Be clear about your business objectives and priorities

Inform clearly about the industry trends, the company's objectives and priorities, and the progress made towards these goals. Give the big picture and get your staff aligned with your strategic objectives!


Schedule communication

The simplest way to put yourself in the mindset to communicate is to put it on your calendar. Regular communication points are much more effective than a single large yearly town-hall meeting. And, in addition to the scheduled communication, spend some 15 minutes each day - more if you can spare it - on informal conversation.

Written communication, oral communication, one-to-one, in groups… you have to do it all!

Your messages need to be reinforced, so do not hesitate to follow up oral communication with a memo or note that recapitulates the conversation.

Listen to your employees

Successful communication is a two-way street. If management is doing all the talking, employees tend to tune out. What's more, your staff often has great suggestions. Formal feedback mechanisms will capture brilliant ideas and helpful criticism.


"You can tie back almost every employee issue - attendance, morale, performance, and productivity - to communication." Fred Holloway


Improving internal communications is a smart move. It will empower a more committed


and better-performing workforce, make sure everyone is working toward the right goals, and make leadership more effective.

At Distinct Communication, we work alongside you to effectively channel your communication by:

  • Designing internal communication strategy aligned with your business strategy;

  • Creating effective communication programmes and tools to support employee engagement and business change projects;

  • Equipping managers with the right skills and tools;

  • Writing, editing and producing regular employee communications;

  • Providing an outsourced solution for all your business communication needs.

We help to demystify communication, breaking it down into manageable tasks for future success. 

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