Reputation Management

“Our reputation is more important than the last hundred million dollars”

Rupert Murdoch

Attracting customers, investors and talented employees

Corporate Reputation is the perception of an organisation’s ability to meet the expectations of its stakeholders. A good reputation attracts customers, investors, and talented employees. And over time, companies that nurture their reputations enjoy a halo effect that make people trust them and give them the benefit of doubt during rocky periods. It takes years to build a reputation. Reputation is your most important asset however a very fragile one, always in danger of being eroded, damaged or even destroyed. Because all kind of events can damage your reputation, a planned approach to crisis management is essential.

Our Corporate Reputation and Crisis Management services include:

  • CEO and top executives communication

  • Media Relations

  • Public Relations

  • CSR Strategy

  • Investor Relations

  • Internal Communication

  • Reputation risk analysis

  • Crisis management planning

  • 24/7 crisis management

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