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  • Laurence Ponchaut

Business Case – Recruitment ad campaign in IT: making the boring interesting

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Client Nowina Solutions – IT actor with a unique expertise in process dematerialisation (consultancy, product and SaaS) Client Challenge Recruit talents Brief Develop a different recruitment campaign in a context where all recruitment ads are similar Approach Stories add value. Visual storytelling is even stronger. When an image is worth more than a thousand words Deliverable A surprising recruitment ad with a clear positioning and a strong visual attracting attention and stimulating interest. Process Write Nowina Story and give it an image A story positioning Nowina clearly as explorers (brand archetype). This strong brand identity allows for an efficient communication and for an immediate connection between Nowina and its audience. The 12 brand archetypes all successful businesses are built on

Nowina is a Polish term that means breaking new grounds, exploring virgin territory and unknown lands. Nowina talents feel like explorers ready to raise anchor and cast off for new adventures. They are pioneers at the forefront of the digital revolution, bringing dematerialisation in new territories. They invite their customers to embark on a journey with them in search of the indication ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ for new digital territories to conquer.

The Relevance of ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ in IT ‘Hic Sunt Dracones’ has a double meaning. Firstly, it indicates unexplored territories in uncharted areas of maps. It also refers, in computer science, to sections of particularly complex parts of the source code of a program so the user or other programmers who would access them are warned. The metaphor of an explorer who passed this limit, must act wisely with care and skilfully before continuing, reflects reality as some programmers prefer to avoid this code, while the more adventurous, or those looking for challenges, prefer to explore and perhaps clarify (document or “map”) these code areas for others. (source: Wikipédia)


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