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B2B Marketing – Content and Relationship Marketing

In B2B, content marketing is natural as decisions are made on the expertise criteria. Expertise is therefore a necessary condition in B2B marketing, but however not a sufficient one. Relationships and confidence must also be built.

B2B audience

Typically, the B2B audience is online, in social networks, goes to events. It is on multiple devices and is evaluating alternatives. 88% of B2B buyers use Google to investigate alternatives and 48% discover new brands by doing so.

Also, the B2B audience has a longer attention span than B2C customers, they are thirsty for knowledge and absorb more information. From this point of view, you’re lucky: you can engage with your audience via longer content.

Developing Thought Leadership

Not surprisingly, your website content is your best B2B marketing tool, closely followed by webinars, case studies, white papers and blog articles.

These kinds of content are designed to position yourself as experts in your field by providing relevant information to your audience. A content marketing begins therefore with a convincing and professional website that displays in a sound and clear way the products and services you offer as well as the benefits of working with you.

Your goal: positioning your company as a subject matter expert by producing regular interesting, reputable and up-to-date quality content on your website, easily identifiable by search engines and which will be relayed through social networks.

Relationship marketing

Participating in events will allow to profit from those interventions on the web. Events offer an opportunity for true human relationships that will leverage the process initiated by content marketing as confidence – essential to business relationships – is based primarily on personal contact.

A real communication plan

Relationships with your customers are built over time. Also, it is essential to develop a content and relationship strategy and plan in advance… a real communication plan is needed, away from a drop-by-drop dissemination.

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