Henri the bot

Meet Henri

Henri is a bot (short for chat robot) who answers questions or responds to customer service requests like a human being would. He engages in personal, user-friendly conversations providing one-to-one service at scale. In our fast-paced world, companies are expected to deliver promptly with the best customer service. Henri is available 24/7 and will never make anyone wait. His answers are polished, always complete and precise.

Why a bot ?

Exceptional customer service is all about easy access to knowledge and quick problem-solving. Times when customers would call a company’s contact center and wait in a queue are long gone. Nowadays customers expect immediate answers to their requests.

A bot is an excellent way to supplement a customer service team and provide a magnificent customer service with a personal touch. A bot can be implemented rapidly and proves a high-ROI solution, boosting your profitability by automating tasks and freeing your service teams up to focus on more value-adding activities.. A bot will help you rapidly nurture your company’s image as an innovative player and strengthen its position within the Marketplace.

A bot founding story

Henri is a joint initiative of Nowina Solutions, digital expert, and Distinct Communication, specialised in communication and reputation management. A bot being at the convergence of AI and communication, Henri brings you the best technical solution with the finest language to be the perfect reflection of your company’s identity.

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Should you wish to meet Henri, contact us and we will be pleased to organize a demo.

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